Tuesday, January 13, 2009

big girl day...

Today I ventured out with the people. THE PEOPLE folks. Not a video conference... not a phone call... not an email... not an IM. I left my house - for work!

This required getting dressed which is quite a feat in my world since I didn't think jeans and a long sleeved v neck tshirt would fly at this meeting. I also brushed my hair... put make up on. As you can see today was a banner day.

I met with a client at an established coffee house where she introduced me to a wonderful woman who may be a great resource for me. Then we went to a luncheon where she introduced me to several other local business people.

Here is where the terror set in. They were expecting me to talk - out loud - to the group!! I did - I introduced myself and my business. It went well. People didn't laugh. People had interesting, thoughtful questions and a couple of the people asked if they could contact me for more information. So a good time!

So - without medication I made it.... I actually talked to people - in public. about grown up things.

Yeah me!


Anonymous said...

Yeah you!!!!!!!!

kam said...

Yeah! Good job... I hope you get some good leads out of it!