Sunday, June 14, 2009

That's how we roll....

Yesterday was a rough day in the Dough house. It was a great day - but rough! It all started with a Birthday party and surprise blue skies (the forecasters here are always a bit off)... so all good, right?

Then while Dan and I left Anna and Emma at the table coloring nicely... we walked out back and looked at all the newly sprouting veggies in the garden. Not even three minutes later I hear a little voice from the back porch... "Mommmma, like my haircut?"

Aw hell! Emma apparently wanted a haircut (and not the professional one she had last weekend) for her imaginary friends (her best friend Kaysha) birthday party and asked Anna to help her out. Anna found scissors on the counter and deftly assisted her.(HAIRCUT - before I fixed it)

I did my best to repair - and without all the damage to the bangs it would have been a darling little cut. Unfortunately Emma is now sporting the signature 3 year old "no bangs are in" style.

Later in the afternoon the girls were sitting on the glider enjoying the fine weather (okay, you know they were hanging on it like a bunch of monkeys) and somehow Anna walked away with a knee or metal pole to the face.

Her face looks just like it did back in November when she fell at Hannaford and hit her cheek on the "carriage" (we called it a shopping cart in my neck of the woods growing up - but it's carriage or buggy here in New England). That was the fall that was responsible for the "Why So Serious" dimple she is now sporting. It appears to hurt a little but she seems fine - we'll see if we end up with a matching dimple on the other side. Anna is the one who could handle serious dimples - she's always smiling.(the dimple is on the left side in this picture)

We decided getting out of the house for a while might be a good idea, so we went over to Cabelas and watched the Dockdog extreme vertical competition. Ran into a giant English Mastiff named Mac who the girls adored and saw some amazing dogs jump - how about a vertical 7 foot jump!!

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Suzanne said...

OUCH!!! That looks painful! Poor baby!