Monday, March 08, 2010


So, Remember me?

I'm alive. We're all doing well. Really.

What have we been up to?

Well, we spent a week in Michigan over Thanksgiving. It was terrific to visit my brother and his amazing family - including my brand new little baby niece. Then we spent some time up in Midland and were able to hang out with Dan's family. It was a lot of fun and the girls were able to hang out with almost all of their cousins. We stopped in Ithaca on our way home and spent the weekend with my Uncle Bob and Aunt Helen. My Aunt Pam and cousin Kurtis drove up from Virginia and we had so much fun! We were all a little sad when we got back home. It's hard living away from family sometimes.

Thank goodness Julia kept us super busy. She was in a performance of Anne of Green Gables that was terrific. We were so proud of her. She worked so hard to memorize a really tough script and was beautiful. She was poised and remembered her lines so well. It was great to see her in something like that.

The rest of our time was spent planning and preparing for our trip to Arizona for Christmas.

We had a great time in Arizona, up in Phoenix we finally got rid of our storage unit (I know, I know) and spent time with some special friends. We also had In n Out burger which you know was high on our lists.

We spent the next 10 days with my parents which was beautiful - although our first day down there felt like we were still in Maine. We woke up to three inches of snow! The kids too advantage of the pool and swam even with the snow!

Back up in Phoenix we spent more time with our friends and my friends came down to visit for an afternoon of bowling and yummy food.

Back home in Maine we were left with a little post vacation depression.

More snow and winter got us back on track especially an ice rink that Dan made in our backyard.

So - we've been busy and that just brings us to January! Perhaps I'll have another update soon.

Or.... maybe not!

Miss you too!

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Momma said...

January? Hell, it's March!!!! Your baby is having her fourth birthday in a couple of days!I've really missed this!