Saturday, August 25, 2012

I suppose I should update you all.

Cuz you are dying for an update, right?

Well, things are pretty much the same here.  I'm still working from home - doing customer service stuff for an online retailer.  Dan is still advising financial things.  The girls are in school.  Julia and Anna are gearing up for soccer and Emma will be getting back into gymnastics.  The one arm cartwheels forced that hand. 

How is that for a boring update.  :)

We've been making a lot of little changes in our life, and although we got a little off track this summer - we're already getting back on track - which feels good.  We're eating cleaner and more cave-man esque, moving more and trying to rid ourselves of stuff. 

I have found that we have way too many clothes.  Our house has kids clothes from 4t - 14/16 and EVERY size in between - for four seasons.  That's a lot of clothes!!  Unfortunately, it's the downfall of passing clothes down.  So now that we can say Emma is definitely a size 6 - we're going to donate anything smaller.  I'm paring clothes down to what will fit in their drawers and closet (the three girls share a closet), and each get a bin for out of season clothes.  I hope that cuts down on some of our laundry.

Missed me?


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