Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This weekend I went with Anna and Julia to their special edition cooking class. They were making chocolates for Valentine's Day. I was the only mom to stay - but I was also the only mom with a kid under 4 or so.

They had a great time and I learned SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much about making chocolates. They made raspberry and maple truffles, peppermint patties, chocolate peanut butter balls and Needhams.

I have never heard of Needhams before, but I've apparently eaten them. They are the chocolate in the mixed chocolate box that has a creamy coconut filling. It completely freaked me out how they make them. With potato (?????!), powdered sugar and coconut. then dipped in chocolate. Crazy but delicious.

This chocolate that they dipped everything in was perfect. I'm so glad I have the recipe. I am going to use it for my strawberries this year - I think it's going to be PERFECT.

The girls had fun. Their teacher does a great job and made it fun for them. Other than Anna - the kids really did make them themselves. I think it was a little overwhelming for Julia. She thought she would be Anna's helper and show her the ropes. She was very surprised to see that Anna not only doesn't need but also doesn't WANT any help. "I do it myself" is her battle cry. She also isn't the least bit shy - where Julia is naturally a bit tentative, so I think she was surprised to be in Anna's shadow.


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! So....you're gonna share that chocolate recipe, right?! ;)

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Sounds like a nice time with the girls.



Timestep said...

Sounds like fun! Recipe?