Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday, my little Anna Bella turned 3.

We woke her up with a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday. She promptly squealed, "Happy Birthday to you too Momma!"

We had a fun filled day, and Anna was a terrific Birthday girl. Everytime someone said "Happy Birthday" to her, she'd respond with "Happy Birthday to you too!" with a big smile.

She was just precious.

We gave her a Thomas the Train 3 wheeled scooter, so she can ride around like her big sister. It took us a little bit to get it assembled and she just sat there staring at me as I put it together. I was surprised at how patient she was, patience is not a Dough kid virtue.

After some scootering we headed to have a birthday dinner at the "IHOP", which Anna chose because she gets a little dum dum lollipop on the way out. She had a Happy Face pancake that they delivered with a candle and a song. She opened a Cabbage Patch baby from Julia (now named Tommi after Thomas the Train) and an Only Hearts doll from Emma. She was so well-mannered. She thanked Julia and Emma for her presents and then yelled, "Thank you everyone" We're not sure if she meant all of us at the table or everyone in the restaurant.

We had a birthday cake at Friendly's (where they weren't very friendly)... and then took the birthday girl home to go to bed.

Saturday is the big Pirate party. We're ready for her little friends to come and play - and we'll be having a treasure hunt on the beach! Anna's demands were few. Pizza, cake, ice cream and friends.

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Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MISS ANNA...hard to believe you are 3. Cannot wait to see pics of your pirate party!!!