Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's almost Mother's Day!

So - I'm doing some on-line mom shopping. Not for me, and not for my mother or even my mother-in-law (their presents are already on the way!)... for anyone still searching for great gifts for their wives, moms, sisters, daughters, friends.

So - let the shopping begin!

These are beautiful and practical organizational must-haves for the busy mom with school aged kids or active kids. MomAgenda has planners of various sizes with space for mom's activities AND space for up to four kids activities.

My favorite thing from MomAgenda is their Kitchen Folio. This helps keep track of all the schedules, school papers, menus and other important paperwork that gets lost in the kitchen. Also a bonus - they have a printable trial version of the MomAgenda planner page.

On to Wishingfish.com or the one who loves to get out and do new things (and lives near one of these larger cities... the giftybox - classes and workshops version. Mom always wanted to learn to fence? learn to scratch with a real DJ? this is your gift.

Also at wishingfish is A Day at the Beach. A mini peice of paradise.

Red Envelope has a Mom's Wreath pendant that is beautiful and meaningful.

"For thousands of years the circle has been a symbol of eternal love, making it a fitting token of a mother's affection. English, Spanish, French and Italian forms of the word "Mom" are captured in this delicate sterling-silver pendant. Each word is rendered in script and blends subtly into the next, weaving a fine silver wreath."

I personally am at a loss with Mother's jewelry because the colors of my girls birthstones are not exactly great together. Turquoise/Blue Topaz, Aquamarine and Emerald. Nice huh?

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