Saturday, October 27, 2007


It took me hours of online searching to find a NON-slutty Halloween costume for Julia. She originally wanted to be Hannah Montana - but was easily talked into being the BoPeep for Emma's Sheep.
I found some, but they were almost $50 and/or still waaaaaaaaaaaaay too slutty for my sweet 6 year old.

I made one instead. As in... SEWED!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and other than some serious miscalculations in my attempts to construct bloomers without a pattern, it went without a hitch.

I think it turned out precious. I even made a matching trick or treat bag from the purple gingham and the lace edging. She'll be the cutest (non-slutty) Bo Peep out there.


kam said...

You did a great job! Julia looks awesome!

Jenn said...

this cracks me up, because all night on halloween, the only thing that my husband myself and our friends kept saying was "I would NEVER let my daughter out of the house like that" what is it with the slutty costumes for little girls? what is this teaching them! i think you did a wonderful job on her costume! she looks adorable, I can tell who she is and she certainly does not look like trash!