Friday, July 11, 2008

The Wedding

Sometimes people do extraordinary things that take your breath away. Sometimes they do it for YOU and it's amazing.

My cousin and I are very, very similar. So similar in fact that Julia usually can't tell our voices apart on the phone. We have the same body type and a lot of the same personality quirks. She is the chilled out Metro version of me. I have spent time over the years being there for her. I knew a lot of her struggles intimately as they were so familiar to my own. I hope I had helped her through some rough times, and that I always provided an ear and a soft landing when she needed them.

Over the last couple of years something changed. Instead of the big sister/little sister relationship I imagined we had, we had become friends, equals. She has been there to support me through so many times when no one else understood or knew how to console me. We have gone through some ugly times with our families and their health scares and have been there for each other.

She was married last weekend to a man who eerily reminds of Dan in many ways - but a more chilled out Metro version of Dan. My cousin is beautiful and smart and accomplished and now she knows it too. She has finished school and graduate school (and she hates school just as much as I do!!) and is embarking on a wonderful career that I know she will be amazing in.

In light of Dan's recent job loss, we weren't all going to be able to make the wedding. She stepped in and made sure that our entire family could be there. It was a wonderful weekend and the girls, Dan and I had a terrific time. We were surrounded my family and other loved ones and really felt re-connected to them.

I don't know if she realizes what an inspiration she has become to me. She is a no-nonsense chick, who says what's on her mind, sincerely cares about those around her, loves her family, adores her husband and is now going to be a fantastic Speech Pathologist, someday she will be a fantabulous mom too.

The wedding itself was personal, touching, moving and you could tell that she and her friends really care about each other. Her matron of honor and maid of honor were fantastic. I have never been to another wedding where the bride was so well taken care of - even in the months leading up to the day. You could just see how loved she is, and how much she means to those around her.

The wedding was in Lake Placid and it was a gorgeous setting. They had a rooftop rehearsal dinner for everyone that over looked the lake and a prime seat for the fireworks. It was an amazing time.

So Congratulations to my cousin and her wonderful new husband. I can't wait to park our butts in some sand and have many a drink by the fire in 2 weeks!

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