Sunday, June 29, 2008


The girls finished their week at Vacation Bible School. It was Anna's first time going to a class - and she had a blast. The girls really seemed to enjoy every minute. I don't think Anna has realized she's not going back this week.

At the end of the week, Anna's leader gave her a note to give to us. It said what a wonderful little girl she was and how much fun they all had with her, and she'd love to babysit her if we ever needed someone.

I don't think she knows there are three of them... and she never met Emma... but it's good to know someone out there wants to babysit.

Speaking of babysitting (tangent... I know) how much do you pay for babysitting? We finally found someone who we were comfortable having watch the girls - and she charges $15 an hour. Holy Moly. We have paid $3 per kid in the past - but $15 - that's a lot of buckage. So - please tell me how much you pay.... and if I'm just behind the times!

So, summer...

We've been spending some time at the beach. We're lucky enough to have access to many different Ocean beaches within 4-10 miles of us. We usually go to Lake Beach and Wavy Beach. Those are the names the girls gave them. Lake Beach is actually an Ocean beach - but because of the set up, it's pretty tranquil. The girls can play un-attended (but well supervised) in the water and they usually have plenty of beach to spread out on to build castles or make houses for their snails. Wavy beach is a more stereotypical Ocean beach with well... waves. Anna and Emma don't enjoy the waves very much. They mostly run out to their shins and then run back to the beach when a wave comes. Any deeper and they have to hold our hands. Julia, though, has discovered the fun of big waves. Boogie Boarding and body surfing are her favorite beach activities.

This weekend was our last quiet weekend (with just one birthday party!) until the middle of August. Can you believe it? From here on out it's a bunch of wedding trips, visits to the cabin, day trips, etc. Crazy. If only gas prices would creep down a bit - we'd be able to do this without the pinch!

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