Sunday, June 29, 2008

Loading the ipod

I should be working. (I have clients people - clientS !!) It's Sunday and I have hours I can invoice by Tuesday... but I found a stack of CDs next to my computer and I had the brilliant idea of moving music from CDs to my computer. Brilliant - right?

Except my computer didn't really have the memory to lose - and it's addictive. Especially if you are one of THOSE people (which I am) who have a mix making addiction.

So, I've been listening to music that I love, music that I fondly remember from way back when.

I have been know to be sidetracked, veer off on the occasional tangent if you will. It's a well established fact that I have Music ADD. I have a hard time listening to an entire song if I'm only listening.

My internet use is the same way. Once I start researching a subject (one of my more well aspects of my business) I find something of interest and start following that trail and before you know it I have 50 tabs open about combination gardening in the Southwest.

Ummm - anyone notice how I just went off on a tangent, about going off on a tangent.


At first I started by uploading entire CDs to my itunes. Then it dawned on me - download the songs you might actually listen to. So I have found I have many a CD where I only really want 1-2 songs. Then there are others (Pearl Jam Ten, Eric Clapton Journeyman & Time Pieces, Peter Gabriel So immediately come to mind as recent uploads) that I pretty much just upload the entire CD.

We're getting to Road Trip (of course it's capitalized... have you never been on a Road Trip??) - and of course this used to mean hours spent pouring over my Cd player/Cassette player Duo deck and making the "perfect" mix. Now I usually spend about 5 minutes syncing my ipod and off we go. Nothing like having 5,000 songs with you at any time. Unfortunately Emma is too young to keep the headphones on for the rear DVD system - so we're mostly stuck listening to "Barbie Mariposa", "Mary Poppins", "Annie" or some other kid movie addiction du jour. Hell, Hard Knocked Life can be fun too!

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