Sunday, June 01, 2008

No matter what

There are just some things I can not - and not for lack of trying - do as well as my mom. Make her fluffy chocolate chip cookies for instance. Oh - and ice water. She makes really good ice water.

Yes mom, my cookies turned out flat - yummy but flat. Oy


Momma said...

Nothing like being known for your ice water!!! Did you stir the flour in by hand? Did you use shortening instead of butter?

Het said...

Yep and yep. I just suck at the fluffy chocolate chip cookies. Maybe someday... I did finally figure out the lasagna after 10 years.

Timestep said...

OK, check your board for my link on chocolate chip cookies. There is actually a science of flour, sweeteners, and shortninig/butter that detemines the chewy vs. puffy vs. crisp result.