Sunday, June 01, 2008

Half way

We are half way through Julia's softb*ll season and she is still enjoying it. The games don't take nearly as long since the girls are hitting the ball, and they are calling outs even though they still bat through the order each inning so it's not so bad.

Julia has an awesome arm, probably the best in the league so far. She's the only one I've seen throw it from the outfield to the pitcher. most of the kids are lucky to get it to the 2nd baseman from three feet away. The catching thing - she's getting better. She doesn't run away from the ball anymore - but she's also not holding her glove out for it. The hitting thing is literally hit or miss with her. Sometimes she gets up there and takes 40-50 pitches (NO exageration) other times she hits great on the first or second.

The end of the season involves pool parties and a Sea Dogs game! Julia is pretty excited about both.

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