Wednesday, June 18, 2008

howdy doody

Don't get me wrong - there are lots of good things going on. When I sit down to write here though, I feel the need to preface everything with what is going on that is not so fun. I've been doing a lot of writing (for money this time!!) and I do notice that it seems to drain me a bit and it's harder to write creatively after hours of technical writing.

So, this was my half assed excuse for the lack of content here.

Things are good. We have our health (Julia's face/mouth is quickly healing and my thumb is finally closed (did I not mention I hacked through my thumb to the bone while showing my kids how to take the pit out of an avocado - with a de-boning knife? Oh - well, I did. It was so much fun the knife actually stuck in my thumb, I was apparently trying to de-bone myself. That takes a special kind of skill my friends. Some of my friends thought it was so funny she bought me brand new shiny Santoku knives to slice off more skin. Thanks KAM!)) and we have each other.

A lot of each other.

So much together it's a bit much. 24/7 of the family. Julia at least gets to get out of the house for 7 hours a day - the rest of us - together. ALL OF THE TIME! Usually this is when I am on the phone or in the bathroom. I find that's when my family likes to be with me the most. Julia has two more days of school... then all five of us will together. ALL OF THE TIME!

Trust me, I'm regretting the day I made the decision to work from home. Anyone have a full time job for me?? Anywhere else but here?

Just kidding. Well, sort of. We have definitely reached the saturation point of time together, but it is nice to have someone around.

So Julia is done with 1st grade on Friday. WOW. Dan and I are going to ambush her off the bus on Friday with a couple of balloons (of the water variety) and the Super Soaker Sneak. I put together a little summer gift basket for her and we're using our gift certificate (thanks Wendi!) to go out to dinner to celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer. Her gift basket is a little sand pail (she wanted one like her sister although she plans to use hers as a temporary snail holding facility), a chapter book (she actually already owns it but hasn't seen it in a year so I'm re gifting it back to her), bubbles, a 1st/2nd grade bridge workbook (that she also already owns - but I'm cool like that), some colored pencils, handmade coupons for fun things (trips to the beach, a treat from the ice cream truck when it passes by one of the million times a day, trips to the library, play dates with friends, etc) and a little journal. So for $10 including balloons, I think she'll be thrilled.

Saturday I am having a little double birthday party/going away party for her two little buddies next door. They chose a jungle theme and so we're planning quite the bash. Other neighbors offered to chip in certain things so it should be really nice for them.

This was going to be a little update and became quite the saga. That's what "they" tell you to do with writer's block - just sit down and start writing and eventually something will come. Apparently what came for me was a bunch of rambling - but hey, that's me!

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