Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

She woke up this morning with pretty pink flowers in her ears (yes, last night she had her ears pierced - her gift from mom and dad!) and a huge smile on her face. We have found her several times sitting in the sink in the bathroom staring at her ears in the mirror and giggling.
A lunch trip with mom to McD's provided time for lots of joke telling and laughing. She had the employee's wrapped around her little finger... they gave her cookies and ice cream and sang to her. Anna sure felt very special.

We headed off to pick up some My Little Pony plates for tonight and of course, as Anna said, "Every birthday party needs balloons (and party hats and a birthday tiara and decorations - all of which I was able to talk her out of)"

Back at home Julia came home from school and so it was present time! Julia picked out a couple of outdoor toys and beach toys (a bucket, shovel, playground ball, sidewalk chalk and bubbles) and Anna was very excited.

She was also quite excited to find a bike under a sheet in the kitchen from her Meemaw and Poppa. She has been outside riding around ever since....

Tonight it's dinner with a friend at Chuck E Cheese... complete with chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, a candle with the number 4 and a birthday song.


kam said...

Looks like Anna had quite a Birthday...

Anna you look so pretty with your new earrings!

Have a great time at Chuck E Cheese!

Anonymous said...

Check you out with the new earrings and bike! Hope you had a happy birthday!

Momma said...

She's 4 and darling, now let's get a new blog!!! You know me- impatient!!! It's been over a week..... I know you've got a lot going on, but there are those of us who would appreciate a new post!!(Right, Kam and Suzanne?)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh what cute girls you have! I have a May 04 baby girl who just turned 4, too. I can't believe how it flew by.

So I guess yours is good with the bike, huh? We haven't done that yet. We actually got her a tricycle and she doesn't even ride it. LOL

Happy belated birthday, Miss Anna!