Thursday, May 08, 2008

Julia is a beautiful fairy

Julia's first play was last night. She was a beautiful fairy in a take on Sleeping B*eauty.

She remembered her lines and delivered them like a pro. Ok, the first two or three were barely a whisper and she looked petrified for the first five minutes, but once she loosened up she did great.

Her sisters were less than entertained and Dan ended up chasing them up and down the hall outside while I repped for our family and dutifully took lots and lots of photos.

After the play (which was a huge success and should probably end up on Broadway very soon) Julia posed for more photos. While she changed and Anna went potty, I took Emma outside to wait.

Local high schools were battling it out on the lacrosse field across the parking lot and Em and I headed over there to watch.

I am endlessly fascinated with Lacrosse. We have sticks and have attempted to play and get the girls into it - but I am hopeless. Lets just say I'm amazed by it, it's the equivalent of running at full speed and trying to catch a ping pong ball in a dixie cup. Difficulty level - 10.

I was a bit entranced and didn't notice my little girl (in floofy little layered tutu type skirt, pretty delicate little sweater and riding boots) run out on to the track and head straight for the field. I am wearing a high wedge shoe for the first time this Spring and lets just say that my chasing after her was at a Difficulty level of 8.

It got even worse because once she knew I was coming after her she ran faster and in an effort to escape my closing grasp, she started going in the typical two year old zig-zap pattern of elusion. This ups the difficulty level to a definite 10. I did finally nab her and haul her screaming off the track (of course there was applause, come on people!!).

It did dawn on me that Emma just might be able to play lacrosse, she has some mad skills.

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