Monday, December 15, 2008

Lesson learned

I've recently learned that I need to give things another shot... even if it sucked the first time.

A long, long time ago I received a very cool Pampered Chef cookie press. When we lived in Arizona I attempted making cookies with my press. Let's just say it was a terrible experience.... melting cookies, nothing sticking and it ended up being a mess.

I decided that it was worth giving it a go - because darn it - other people can do it! So, the girls and I whipped up a batch of spritz dough... colored a pretty green and then loaded it into the cookie press.

Oh my goodness how much fun! Adorable little tree cookies in just mere seconds. The girls each got to shoot dough into little trees and squeal in delight.

They baked up great and are just awesome. Now I can't wait for other reasons to create more press cookies!!

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