Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day!

So - the kids did end up having today off - but schools on for tomorrow. They start Christmas break on Wednesday. We have a total of about 20 inches, 15 or so from last night and 5 from the last 2 little bouts of snow fall.

The girls had a blast sledding, fort building and snow shoeing today. We had blue sunny skies and it was a great winter day!

We're expected to be clear again tomorrow with more snow heading our way on Wednesday and then again next weekend.

Funny note - the UPS trucks are having a hard time getting around because of the large snowbanks along driveways so our UPS driver told me today that they are being mostly dispatched in UPS minivans. :)

Our neighbor had a refrigerator delivered this afternoon and the store delivery truck for that could get no where near the house - so the truck parked on the street and the unloaded the fridge onto a dolly and wheeled it down the street and up the driveway to their door.


Mari-Beth said...

Yikes!!! I feel for you! Awesome snow pix. No snow in MD but bitterly cold!!! The air hurts as the coldness hits our bare skin!!! Brrr...wanna go back to AZ??????

Momma said...

I know you're busy, but 18 days without a post! That's ridiculous!Surely, something fabulous happened to you all since this "Snow Day! :)