Friday, April 03, 2009

Oh yeah - Happy Birthday!

Don't think that because it didn't end up here it wasn't important... My little surprise... Emma turned 3 last month. We were in the process of moving (did I not mention that???) and had a quiet little family part for her (she still is hoping for an Elmo birthday party... )

So - here are some pictures of the beautiful 3 year old..


Anonymous said...

I hope she had a wonderful birthday! We forgot to send a card! :(

I LOVE that pic of her sleeping. She looks like a little angel.

kam said...

What a great photo of Em sleeping! Love it!

All your girls are getting sooooo big!

Looks like Emma had a great Birthday :)

Momma said...

Were you aware that it is now April 16, and it has been 13 days since a new post? Just wonderin'!!