Monday, April 20, 2009

Is it really April already?

Not only am I surprised that it is already April but it's the MIDDLE of April. Wha? Where is the time going?

My kids are pretty darn smart. I know this. I'm their mother. OF course I know this. Lately though they are waaaay smarter than I even give them credit for.

On Easter I was going through the Easter baskets with the girls. Anna was very excited about a Littlest Pet Shop toy. I was telling her I was surprised her little hat for the toy was so bendable. Anna says, "yes, it's malleable"

I just about choked. MALLEABLE? She's 4... MALLEABLE?? So I asked her twice to repeat what she said, Dan also asked her. So I finally asked her if she knew what it meant. Are you ready??? "Mom, it means, FLEXIBLE!"

Holy shite! Can you believe it??? I couldn't - I still can't. Dan and I both just sat there amazed. She doesn't remember where she heard it - she seems to think she made it up. Scary.

Next smart kid - Dan was tucking Emma in tonight and told her it was lights out. Her response? "Actually, I'm going to read for a while." Dan said, "Emma, what little girls use words like actually?" Her response, "Julia daddy. Julia uses those words."

Gotta love these kids... whose kids are they??


Mari-Beth said...

Yours of course! Look at you and Dan and your personalities...its not so shocking to me that they come up with that stuff! Besides, it makes your life one big adventure!!! ;)

Momma said...

Thanks for the post!! I agree with Mari-Beth, but then, I am your mother!!!!:)

Momma said...

It's Mayday. How about something new? :)