Thursday, May 07, 2009

I can't believe it's already MAY!

So far we've been busy. Dan is having a great week and we just got word that he will have a branch open this year!

The girls are busy - Julia is playing softball - they had their first game Monday night and she has a "real" coach this year and learned more in 1 hour of practice than last season. She misses her other coach but I think she's in good hands this year! She is also in an acting class that she really likes. She has been begging us for guitar lessons for well over a year so we're looking into that for her.

Anna and Emma are in a little dance class and are having a good time. Anna loves preschool and is excited about her upcoming birthday party. Emma had her preschool open house and she can't wait to start in the fall.

Nothing much else going on here. Sorry to not have much to post about.... but it's MAY!


Anonymous said...

Whoo hooo Dan!!!!!

kam said...

Congrats to Dan!!! That's great news! Sounds like you're busy, busy, busy!

Momma said...

Hell, it's almost June! Thanks for the post. You know I like to give you a hard time. :) See? You had something very interesting to write about.

Momma said...

Only 8 more days until your much awaited "Is it June, already?", post. :)