Friday, March 18, 2011


Julia is playing lots of softball, she's become quite the pitcher and really enjoys the positive attention she's getting for it. She had her LL evaluations last week, and we're just waiting to find out if they are moving her to the majors this year.

Julia and Emma have been added to the family members that wear glasses. Both will need them for just school work for now. Julia was so excited about the possibility of glasses until they became a reality. Gotta love these little life lessons.

Anna continues to blow us away with her improvements at school. She went from a struggling level 1-2 reader at the beginning of the year to reaching level 15 (the top level before chapter books) this month. She's very proud of herself, and can read just about whatever we put in front of her. She's definitely ready for 2nd grade now!

Emma just had her 5th birthday - which means that she's heading of to the big K in the Fall. I'm excited for her, as I know she will adore it - but oh my. This momma's not ready to send her off on that big yellow bus yet. I'm glad I have 5 months to prepare.

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