Monday, March 28, 2011

New arrivals

So, I'd like to introduce the new arrivals to the Dough fam.

Yes, this is indeed a post about laundry. If you know me well, you know I have laundry stuffed in every room in our house. Since we left Arizona we've had a string of small/ineffective washer-dryer combos. With three little girls, we just never were able to keep up with it. Ever.

Our dryer was taking 4 cycles to dry a small load, and this is after we had it cleaned out. So a load of laundry took about 3-4 hours - and that's if I remembered to restart the dryer.

Now - we got a smoking deal on this set and whoa Nelly (yeah, I said whoa Nelly... what's your point?) what an upgrade. We went from a small top loader (about 10 years old with a broken control panel) that we bought off a friend that was moving for $25 (she threw in the dryer for free - which will tell you what the dryer is worth) to a large capacity front loading washing machine. I can't even tell you how much more laundry we can do in each load. About three times as much laundry - that's how much.

The new dryer - it dries! It is an energy saver model, so we can choose for it to run longer on a lower setting which adds to the drying time, but still - it takes about an hour to dry a full (really big!!) load versus 2-3 hours.

The best part - I can't believe how clean the clothes are. I didn't realize how ineffective our old washer was until we started seeing what this new one can do. Stains are disappearing and Anna's sleeves are CLEAN! That's huge.

This weekend we reached the end of the laundry pile. The END. As in - we cleaned out all the laundry from the dark crevices of baskets long forgotten. The laundry is caught up. We are only washing now what we take off of our bodies. That's huge. We haven't had that in five years.

I was able to fill two big garbage bags full of donate-able clothes. I also filled a bin of clothes that Julia and Anna had grown out of and are ready to be passed down. With all the clothes clean and in the drawer, it also makes it easy to plan for their summer wardrobes as I can see what the girls clearly need and what they don't now.

Sigh... I'm in love.

Well, if you managed to get this far, thanks. I know reading about laundry is about as much fun as doing laundry. Although, right now, doing laundry just isn't all that bad.


Mari-Beth said...

I totally hear ya on this one! When we moved back here we got a new washer and dryer too and I LOVE them!!!!! :)

Promotional Pens said...

Good for you! Having a good washer and dryer can be such a time saver... and who has any time? lol