Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baby love...

Life with an infant is helpful if nothing else...

- You no longer have to expend the energy to pull your own hair out, as someone is almost certainly ready to do so for you.

- What are all these people talking about? No more quiet time for reflection? What about all those times in the middle of the night when you are up feeding the baby?

- No need for facials as baby food sneezed or flung on your face is almost certainly to contain some sort of ingredient that will help (vitamin C and lactic acid come to mind!).

- Your hair falling out post partem will mean you'll have less to style. Oh and you'll save money on shampoo and conditioner too.

- When mobile baby breaks all your knick knacks you'll have less to dust.

- Mobile baby also means that any food products missed by the dog will be taken care of faster than you can whip the vaccuum up.

- Screaming baby gets you out of all kinds of unpleasant things: sales calls, random chatty people on the phone, long waits at the lab for tests...

See - babies are cool!

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