Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bend it like Beckham...

Anna is playing soccer for the first time this year. She is so excited to be just like Julia. She was terribly disapointed that she won't be playing on Julia's team - but we're gearing her up to play on her own team with her own friends.

Julia has been teaching her how to kick the ball and they have been practicing their dribbling. Anna loves to pick up the ball and put it back down in the right place to kick it - but she's slowly growing out of that habit.

So, next week starts soccer practice for both girls (Em is devastated she's not playing too!) and they have their first games the week after that. I so love soccer with the pre-school set. It's a little early for heavy duty competition and they really are just having fun and making lots of "video moments".

This is Julia's last year in this age bracket. Next season they get serious and start really playing competitively. She just found out that her 2 best friends are on her team and she's thrilled!

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