Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More lake ramblings

We have had an amazing summer up at the lake.

It rained so hard that the beach completely disappeared. It has only been like that one other time in my life. The girls have fallen in love with the lake, mountains and people just like we all have. It's not unusual for them to spend 10 hours a day in the water and to fall asleep during dinner.

The rain hasn't even been enough to stop us since we play cards and read books instead. Without computers, tvs, etc... it's really as Leave it to Beaver as it sounds.

After the kids are asleep there has been lots of adult bonding time as the middle generation (not quite adult fire and no longer kid fire material) hang out by campfires, makeshift campfires, oil lamp lit tables. There were new drink discoveries (whoo hoo Chris for lending us your faith in Midori) and a wonderful night with Rum Punch, popcorn and rain.

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kam said...

Sounds like you're having an amazing time! Enjoy every minute!