Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A momentary break....

We're back in reality for a few days to regroup, do laundry, catch up with clients and take real showers. Really we're back so I can erase the DVR to tape the Olympics while we're gone!

I'm so excited for the Olympics - it's ridiculous.

The biggest news in my absence was that my beloved computer has come down with the blue screen of death. It's sad, but my hard drive went kaput. Now I am busy reconfiguring my back up with the programs that were loaded on the other computer and yanking stuff off of my external hard drive. For all that we've been through - that computer and me - I'm sad to see it go. I'm not sure how to proceed since I was hoping that computer would get me through at least March.

Dan is back to work (did I mention he was out of work? Oh no, well he was, and it has made for a super fun May - July) and is in the trenches for 8-10 more weeks. I think this big change is a good thing, but it is making our complicated lives even more complicated. I'm just endlessly hopeful that this is the beginning of a great thing.

Our dryer is taking 2-3 cycles to dry things and it's too humid to hang anything to dry. Let me just tell you how much I hate that. We normally air dry 50-75% of our clothes, and with this ridiculous humidity nothing is drying on its own. My superpower sense of smell leaves me unable to handle even a slight hint of that musty smell so I'm left with abusing my dryer. Now it's fighting back and making my life hell.

So, Project Runway anyone? hmmmmmmm.... that's what I thought.

Last week I read the Twilight series. It was delicious and fun and just what I needed on the beach (or in the cabin late at night to battle my insomnia!). I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with the ending, but it might be that I have never enjoyed the end of anything. It did provide me with some big laughs and I'm relatively at ease with the whole happy ending thing.

The pull of reality is out there and our time at the lake is quickly coming to an end. I have two weeks of training the end of August to complete and then school starts and it's just back to our other life.


Scattered Mom said...

Oh, me too. A training course that is three days a week for the last three weeks of August and even includes homework.


Het said...

Bummer!! Good luck getting through it all! It is certainly no fun!

Deb said...

Het-see if the vent to your dryer needs cleaning. That could easily be the culprit.

Hope things uncomplicate themselves.