Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doom on you...

Well, I'm alive.

Whoo hoo!!!!!!!

For those of you nice enough to email me to find out if I fell off the face of the Earth - well - I sort of did.

As I mentioned - we have been sick. Two and a half weeks ago I came down with the scary 105 degree fever - vomiting - chills, etc.

Tuesday it was Anna's turn at the doctor - nasty ear infection. Antibiotics (the fun orangy bubble gum tasting stuff)

By Wednesday I was feeling somewhat human again and didn't call the doctor.

Thursday night the 105 degree fevers returned and I couldn't breathe. On Friday - Dan literally drove me to the doctor where I was promptly diagnosed with pneumonia.

Did I fail to mention that Dan was flying out Saturday afternoon for 8 days??? Oh... well he was. Dan dropped me off at home, and ran out to pick up the Big Boy Antibiotic - the antibiotic that was going to kick the infection out of my body quickly so that I could be conscious and care for my children in his absence. Apparently I'm not quite man enough for the Big Boy and promptly had a fun little allergic reaction to it - and violently removed it from my system.

Then Dan ran Emma to the doctor where she could be diagnosed with her own nasty ear infection. More antibiotics.

Here is where my Mom called and asked if we wanted her to fly out and watch the children while I huddled in bed with fever.

We quickly conferred and agreed that having Mom traipse across the country was much preferable to having our children fend for themselves like wolves, or paying the $2K change in fare for Dan to leave Monday.

This brings us to Saturday - more fun fevers - Dan to the airport to fly out, Mom to the airport flying in. I had 6 hours alone with the kids and I thought I'd never make it. Mom arrives to the rescue.

Three nasty days of fevers and breathing issues ensued and then magically I began to feel better (ok - so not so much magic as modern day science and lots of antibiotics... but hey, it's sort of like magic). Now - another week later I feel about 60% better. I am still exhausted, still coughing and can't breathe but I can function. Anna and Emma are also doing much better.

So - now that you have had a full blow by blow re-enactment of my illness you may carry on. I'm sure that your life is now complete and full of meaning now that you wasted 2 minutes on reading this drivel.

Oh yes - and a huge, gigantic shout out to my mom (and my Dad for flying her out here!) for being there for us. You would be short at least one grandkid if I had been left to care for them. So thank you. We love you!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back in the land of the living!

kam said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! I wish I could say the same... I've been sick in bed since Sunday. I hate the cold/flu season!!!!