Friday, October 17, 2008


When I was growing up, my mom was the lady at the grocery store everyone knew. The other shoppers, the people at the deli, the check out people. In fact when my mom had her last hemoragghic stroke (aneurysm rupture) one of her daily visitors was the woman who checked her out at the grocery store everyday. That says a lot about both my mom - and June, the check out lady.

Dan is now that person. Whenever he goes to the store he runs into people he knows - and the grocery store people know him. The best part of this is that the sushi guy loves him. So much that we got a big platter of sushi and rolls tonight.

Awesome huh?

Even more awesome is that I barely had any because my 2 year old was devouring it. Why can't my kids be repulsed by sushi like normal kids - and leave more for us???

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