Saturday, March 07, 2009

Another Emma story

I took Julia and her friend last Friday (opening day) to see the Jonas Brothers 3d Concert experience movie. (I admit I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it - and have some respect for the fact that although a pop/boy band machine - they write their own music and they can and do actually play instruments.) All of my girls have gone from liking the Jonas Brothers to being outright fans. Julia in particular has the beginnings of a real crush on them (she likes Joe the best, Anna likes Nick (me too) and Emma likes Joe). All three girls know the words to their songs, and squeal with delight when they catch a glimpse of them on Disney Channel.

Last night Julia was watching a live chat (it was live at one point I guess) with the Jo Bros, as they affectionately call them, and Emma was perched on my lap watching too. To understand what is happening - the boys are on on a webcam and talking to their fans online. They have a chat open and the fans respond by typing back to them. Julia loves these chats and I admit that after watching some with her the boys do seem like funny, decent kids. So, Emma is sitting there with us enthralled with Joe. All of a sudden he says, "hi emily" (they often do this because their fans will type, "HI JOE" or "Say hi to Emily" and they will respond directly.

The look on Emma's face was priceless and she whispers, "hi joe" back! Then her little face turned dark red and she just sat there looking embarassed and thrilled. Julia made us play that part again and Emma, bless her little heart, gets more and more flustered each time. After a couple of minutes she whispers to me, "joe jonas said hi to me." She looked just like a teen girl who finds out her crush knows her name.

Yes, she's three next week.

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kslane2005 said...

How sweet!!!! I love it! She's so gonna be a groupie one day! :)