Saturday, March 07, 2009

Musically Inclined

So Julia wants to play the guitar. Not just the guitar but the bass guitar. She is adamant that she needs to learn and start her lessons. She also wants to play the piano and has been mounting a campaign for lessons for that too.

So last night at bedtime Emma was talking about Julia playing the guitar. I asked Emma what she wanted to play and without missing a beat ( ha) she says, "the trombone."

TROMBONE??? She knows this how?

I asked her how she knew what a trombone was and her reply, "it's an instrument mom."

Yes, she's 3 next week.

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kslane2005 said...

Nathaniel loves playing the guitar! He plays accoustic, not bass, but I think Julia would love it! :)

The trombone?! That's funny! Isn't it amazing what kids know now?!