Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Potty Monkey

So, our pediatrician (OK the NP) reminded me today of what a bad mother I am for making my now 3 year old daughter NOT be potty trained.

Ummm - okaaaaaaaaaay? She spent about 20 minutes giving me advice on how to potty train... like have you heard of this new fangled thing called a STICKER CHART? I know - revolutionary stuff here.

On and on went the suggestions. I did point out at one time that both of her older sisters were potty trained. This point is of no matter to the 24 year old NP - with no children of her own.

Then she starts going on about the monkey. MONKEY. She says she just saw it online and it looked good and it had a timer to remind the kids when to pee and all that fun stuff. It sounded interesting - but I had to listen to another 20 minute lesson on why this was the BEST thing ever.


So - tonight while watching the Drake and Josh Christmas Special (don't look at the calendar - I'm aware of the fact it's March.. not exactly sure what calendar Nick is using but I digress...) and there is a monkey ... and so I think "ooooh lets look up this potty monkey thing."

Turns out it's actually kind of interesting. I don't think I'll be dropping $25-30 for it anytime soon, but it seems to be pretty sound reasoning. It arrives in a diaper and you do this whole ceremonious throwing away of the diaper... and put little monkey undies on the thing. Now apparently it is ready for the big show. The monkey talks and sings while it's on the potty, and then you can set a timer for 30 or 90 minutes and then at every time interval the monkey starts talking about having to go to the bathroom and how maybe the child could please take them to the potty? and OH why you are in here - you may as well sit those cute cheeks down and try and pee too... K?

Anyway - without further ado... I present... The Potty Monkey!

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Mari-Beth said...

Huh, who knew?!?!?! He kinda looks like Curious George...

When she's ready to be potty trained you will the first one to know! Hang in there Het! :)