Sunday, February 10, 2008

High School Musical

Julia and Anna went on their Daddy/Daughters date last night, to see the High School Musical play a local school was performing.

Anna thought it was the best. She couldn't believe they were right there acting and singing! She came running in the house last night telling me how amazing it was. She told me all the songs that were in it (as if I don't have them burned into my head as it is) and that they kissed at the end.

Julia had a good time too, but a little less awestruck than Anna. She was more excited that some of her friends were there.

Dan sheepishly admitted he enjoyed it as well (as much as I guess a grown man can enjoy something like that) and that Anna was hysterical to watch. She was bopping along and singing. He had to tell her to sing quietly on a couple of occasions. She caught on and stopped singing along but still bopped.


Suzanne said...

I'm glad they had a good time! What did you and Emma do? LOVE the new pics of them on your blog! Too cute!

Het said...

Em and I hung out and watched TV. I had a sleep study on Friday night and she missed me an awful lot. :)

Thanks, I love these winter pics too. They love the snow.