Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dagnabit that's fun...

After Thanksgiving we discovered the fun of Dance Dance Revolution for our unused PS2. Julia would play this for hours and hours. Dan, Anna and I would fight for our turns. We had some friends over and they were desperate to play. Hilarity ensued. We have had many a cold afternoon or snowy evening in spent dancing away.

Julia received Singstar 80's and High School Musical Sing It for Christmas. As a family we had fun singing along and Julia and Anna just love singing HSM tunes. Once again, it was mentioned in passing at a gathering with friends, and everyone was begging to play SingStar. Seriously it was so much fun. Without drinking (I do believe it would be even more fun fully plowed, but this is the "non drinking" group). I know.

It was great to see the wallflower stand up and belt out Soft Cell's "Tainted Love". Some took it very seriously and some just giggled their way through it.

Sunday morning after this little shindig the phone calls and texts confirmed that much fun was had, and everyone was hoarse from all the singing.

Shockingly, everyone was trying to make plans for another night of SingStar excitement. Challenges were laid out, emails exchanged debating the next version to be played (Pop won out over Rock and Amped).

Round two was just as much fun (although I can't wait to do Singstar Rocks!!) and there are discussions of multiple TVs, some with DDR and some with Singstar, and all out tomfoolery.

I have never felt older in my life. Geez we're dorks.


Suzanne said...

We're dorky too...we have Guitar Hero competitions here! We might need to get the SingStar though. Sounds like a riot!

Scattered Mom said...

Dorks who have fun :)

We don't have those games but I'll bet they are lots of fun!