Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More rain on the way...

I like to add more craziness to my life...

Wednesday is a half day for the kidlets at school. Julia has an afternoon birthday party (involving swimming). Then after that she has her first rehearsal for the play she's in. Did I mention we're supposed to have 3 to 10" of snow (an amount somewhere in that range I guess) and sleet, ice and rain? Nice.

Normally we don't have anything going on. Days and days go by with us just hanging out at the house, playing outside in the snow, playing board and card games at our way too big kitchen table, cooking together, you know, the good old boring stuff. Then all at once everything will get shoved into one weekend, or even better... one day.

Did I mention I'm done with the rain?? We just put our furniture back after last big rainy day flood, so I'm not looking forward to more of the stuff.

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