Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Comedy of Errors

Seriously, I have no idea why computers hate me. It is true in the past I was a little less than tender with them and subjected them to little hands and prying fingers (as in prying keys off the keyboard). I am ashamed of my past and have begged for forgiveness many times over the years.

My laptops now live in a graveyard on a shelf in my office. One shelf that has 3 - yes 3 laptops on it. Each came to an untimely end. I shed tears for each of their deaths. The big boy (which has been resurrected HALLELUJAH!!!) who was my best computer ever until the "power adapter debacle of 2006". The Toshiba so beloved because it was free died a long painful death while the screen slowly died out (I have recently learned that with a new monitor it would be fine if used as a PC). Then of course Replacement who died a brave death (the blue screen of death) this summer after recovering at Christmas from "power adapter debacle of 2007".

My livlihood depends on internet access. I can't exactly be "virtual" if I'm stuck handwriting and faxing.

So - my point. I have two working computers (Dan has a NICE one from his new employer but since he uses it 16 hours a day to study - it's not an option). The Big Boy who has been rehabed and called to duty as my Customer Service workhorse (I have an awesome client that I'm doing customer service for!!) and my little HP. Lil' HP is fast but a little dense if you will. He has a bit of a short term memory problem, and that's on top of a long term memory problem. I can't put a lot of my software on it - but it gets me from point A to B.

I still haven't made it to my point - have I?

Last night I almost threw Big Boy out of the 2nd story window. My friend CW came to the rescue today and pulled me back from the brink of a computer nervous breakdown. A simple system restore brought order to my chaos.

I think when anyone goes through something traumatic and comes out the other side - it's important to share with others. To give people that may go through the same situation hope if you will. I have created a fix for those suffering from the "Microsoft Service Pack 3 debacle of 2008"

- Remove Service Pack 3 via the Remove Program feature

- Find a restore system point from before the Service Pack 3

I had more to this post but seriously it escapes me. I am terribly sleep deprived and just plain exhausted - my brain fails to work.

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Anonymous said...

I have never met anyone who has more problems with computers then you! Hope all is well now....