Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer balls and ice cream trucks

Anna's soccer debut
Julia leading the pursuit
Julia (purple giving it a run)

So - Today was soccer game #1 for the girls. Of course it started in the traditional Dough family way...

Julia's game started at 915 and she had to be there at 9a. Anna's game started at 1030a and she had to be there at 1015a. Did I mention the fields are 15 mintues apart?

So the plan was for Dan to take Julia to her game, and I would follow with Anna and Em. Dan would then leave with Anna at 10a for her game. When Julia's game was over I would bring Julia and Em with me to Anna's game. Complicated but doable - right?

Well - that's only if you have 2 working vehicles. Which as of 845am this morning we didn't. Dan's alternator cap (or something - I have no idea) has a crack in it and so there are some issues. Not to mention that the battery probably needs to be replaced. So - the entire morning was chaos.

I had to take everyone to Julia's game - which she was 5 minutes late for. Then Dan had to leave at 10 to take Anna to her game - then drop her off and drive back to pick us up from Julia's game and then drive us back to Anna's game. We missed the first quarter of Anna's game - but it all worked out in the end.

We did luck out though and only one of the girls' games is at the same time - the last game. The other ones are spread out just enough that we should be able to watch some of each.

Both girls teams lost by a wide margin (like 12-1!!)- but they had a blast.

I was really impressed with how well Julia did. She doesn't seem to have that URGH competitive thing going on but was still fast and has some good ball handling skills. Anna also did great. She looked joyous as she played - it was cute to watch. She almost scored a goal and spent a lot of time with the ball. As she added, "I also made a new friend" So a winner of a day for her.

We left the game and I had one of my clients call that she was having a local event with the Good Humor Ice Cream truck. So we were invited to stop by and have free ice cream. You couldn't get much better than that - free reign over an ice cream truck!! Emma was happy about that - and I was glad to be able to reward Em for her great behavior at her sister's games. She really wanted to go out and play too, but she stayed on the side and watched.

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