Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yes Mom...

Since I do as I'm told - I'm posting. We have indeed been sick. Julia came in our room last Thursday night with a fever. She woke up with a sore throat but her fever was gone by noon. Other than a bit of a cough by Saturday morning she was back to 90%.

Cue next illness... Sunday Anna is next with a fever and congestion. She never gets really sick but enough to spend a lot of time resting. On Monday, Dan and Emma follow. Tuesday, it's me.

Wednesday Anna is better, Emma is doing much better, Dan is ok and I am ok except for the cough.

Thursday I wake up and feel like a Peterbilt hit me. Thursday night Anna is complaining of an earache. By 10pm it has escalated into moaning and crying (Anna - not me). We settle in for a long night. Friday morning Anna is feeling a bit better but still has the earache.

Did I mention that Emma is acting up? Not eating???

So it's Saturday - I'm doing better but have a nasty cough (yes I know I NEVER get a chest cold), Dan is doing great, Julia is fine, Anna is still congested and has ear pain but it's manageable with the occasional Tylenol. Emma on the other hand is currently resting ON my hands as I type this. Holding one ear and starting, eyes glazed over, at the TV (which has Wow Wow Wubbzy on it), and I can feel the heat from her that her fever hasn't gone down yet.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Kyle is on it's way and it's been raining for 24 hours already. I hope it blows all this illness right out of the house.

So... there is a post!


kam said...

Bummer... We're moving into that time of year, huh. I hope you all get back to feeling well soon!

Miss ya :)

Suzanne said...

Lauren and I just got over all that junk. Kurt and Nathaniel never get sick (lucky!)

I hope you guys feel better soon and that Kyle goes far away from you!

Momma said...

I really do appreciate the post, as I'm sure many others do. Perhaps them wishing you all well, will help. You are a good girl! You get a gold star for listening. :)

Mari-Beth said...

I so feel your pain!!! I came down with something last Saturday, was fine by Sunday...Monday Aiden has a headache and a fever...Tuesday Jimmy comes home from work, he's sick...boys stay sick all week (and they are grumpy when sick!!!). They are better but Aiden is still hacking and a bit congested. Its only Autumn...what's winter going to be like??????? Sending you all well wishes!!!

mel_and_sharon said...

Off topic comment - I came across your post regarding Daisy A Day while searching for sheet music for the song for my dad. He plays in the band at the senior complex where he lives and they want to learn this song. If you could point me in the right direction to the place in Maine where you found the sheet music, I'd be forever grateful.

mel_and_sharon said...

You can reach mel_and_sharon at the yahoo place.