Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Grunch

The Grunch (you may remember this is the Anna-ism the Grinch) has made a comeback at our house.

Anna has been dealing with nightmares. Everything from a man hanging from the ceiling (eek!!!!!!) to the Grunch. More and more often the Grunch is the scary guy in her dreams.

Today she found her Grunch doll buried in the bottom of their stuffed animal basket. She told me how angry and mean the Grunch is. We then talked about how the Grunch doll has a smile on his face and he has a big heart - so it must be the Grunch after his heart grows. So this grunch doll is a nice Grunch.

Anna seems appeased with this description. She is now walking around introducing the Grunch to her other stuffed friends. Each of the friends are scared of the Grunch at first, but then Anna stages an intervention and explains that he may look scary but he has love in his heart (awwwwwww). After much persuading, the Grunch and her stuffed friends become friends. The Grunch is currently hosting tea. He's a well mannered scary guy.

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