Friday, April 27, 2007

Smack down

Anna is finding herself in a difficult place. I think she's finally moving into her role as the middle child. She's struggling with wanting to do the things Julia does, but either age or ability holds her back. Her frustration runs deep as she is an independent little spirit. "Can't" is not in her vocabulary. Today Julia is at a play date and Anna just doesn't understand why she can't participate. She is constantly assuring me this afternoon that she is indeed, "a big girl."

Then there is the issue of Em. Em is now trying to walk, and is playing more and more like a toddler than a baby. She is able to play with Anna interactively and they do have some fun. There is the obvious issue of lack of communication since Em is not exactly a wordsmith at the ripe age of 13 months (although she fake burps after drinking her milk like a seasoned vet). Anna finds this frustrating as well. Emma is an aggressive little thing, who rarely takes any guff from anyone. She and Anna are both extremely strong willed little things who don't mind a good throw down when the situation warrants.

SO - what this means is that the Dough house is experiencing a higher than normal rate of violence. There is beating. There is full out knock downs. Hair pulling, punching and kicking. Exactly what you'd expect from dainty little girls.

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Welcome to my world! :)