Monday, April 16, 2007

Safe and sound

We got out just in time this morning. The ocean was doing fine when we left - but the river was about to jump the road and then we'd be stranded at the house without power.

Apparently our power has returned, which is kind of strange since they said 2-3 days. There were wind gusts over 80 mph this morning. Trees falling, streams precariously getting ready to break bank... it was a fun drive to the hotel.

We were able to drop Trooper off at the kennel and he was so happy. As soon as we turned down the road to the kennel he stood up and started wagging his tail. He lept out of the car (not easy in the winds that were almost knocking my 350lb ass on the ground) and happily licked hands and faces of his surrogate parents.

The power has been fluctuating here all day, but I think we're past the worst part in terms of wind and power issues. Flooding will continue to be ugly for the next day or two as the rivers and streams take over.

So - we're all good. The toughest part of this afternoon is that the pool has way too much chlorine and the hot tub isn't working. WAAH!

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