Friday, April 27, 2007

Siiiiiiiiing, sing out louuuuuuuuuuud

This week was Julia's Spring Music Concert, and it was just as precious as I'm sure you'd expect a bunch of Kindergarten through 2nd graders would be standing up and singing songs about rainbows and the ocean.

Julia's class sang "Down by the bay." It was great - and both Dan and I could clearly hear Julia's voice in the back of the auditorium. She sure does have a ummmm strong voice. For the big finale, the entire group sang "the Rainbow Connection" Now - I'm a huge, huge, huge Jim Henson fan and it was a tear jerker to say the least.

One little side note. We are officially un-cool. After the concert we were standing outside waiting for Julia's friend to come out - and Julia stood about 5 feet away from us, with her back to us while we waited. I tried to take her picture and she made it very clear that it would not be acceptable. Dan and I stood there smiling at each other. One of the other Kindergarten moms across the courtyard was experiencing the same thing and she looked at us, shook her head and said "It begins." We all just smiled knowingly.

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