Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blog worthy

Seriously, I think of 20 things a day to blog about, yet when I sit down to write any of them it just isn't there.

I'm dealing with some insomnia and the effects are always so ugly. It affects so many different parts of my life. I'm fine - just tired and grumpy. So really - same old same old.

I'm still studying for my exam - which has been scheduled for December 1. I can't wait.

We're getting ready for Christmas already. We won't be doing a whole lot of decorating this year. Maybe a fake wreath on the door, some candle lights in the window. Nothing exciting. We're trying to get most of our shopping done before December so that we can have the smaller stuff shipped to AZ for Christmas morning. The girls will be exchanging their gifts (we're letting them give the big gifts to each other this year) here before we leave. Our neighbors will be taking care of our place while we're gone.

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