Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Can I just tell you how different my life is right now compared to a little over a year ago?

Therapy and meds helped tremendously, and I'm so thankful for making that choice to see the doctor for my severe depression.

More than those things though (wow - that was some serious alliteration), letting myself have friends has been a literal lifesaver. I have a real friend across the country, but someone that I wouldn't have a problem calling at 3am if there was a crisis. Someone I don't worry about just going away and ending our friendship. Someone I have4 allowed myself to trust and care about.

I've also allowed myself to have friends here too. Another family where we like both the husband and wife - AND the kids!! Other women that I don't mind being stuck talking to at the playground and on playdates. I still haven't found a local Target shopping buddy... but I will continue to look.

So - here's to friends.

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kam said...

If we lived closer I would be happy to go Target shopping with you... I don't have a Target buddy either :(