Thursday, November 08, 2007

More fun than lead paint...

I'm thrilled to hear that the latest recall of a product made in China is not a lead paint recall. Really - what is the fun in toys that only cause nervous system and kidney damage, learning disabilities, speech, language and behavior problems, decreased muscle and bone growth and hearing damage.

We can do better than that - I know we can. Lead poisoning has been around for a long, long time. How about we find a more creative and 21st century way of harming a kids with cheap toys?

I know!!!!!!! How about make toys that essentially melt down into date rape drugs when swallowed. Oh - lets also make them in the shape and color of fun little candies.

Oh wait. I'm too late. Our good friends, the masters of quality toy production have already created such fun - also known as the aqua dots. This powerhouse of fun can lead to seizures, coma and even death. Now that's a product I can get behind.

Order me three!

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Suzanne said...

Um...yeah. I got Aqua Dots for my niece for her birthday. Aren't I a great aunt?! Luckily it can be replaced with a different toy, but still! Kinda scary!