Thursday, November 08, 2007

Smarty pants

I've alluded a couple of times that Julia is a smarty pants. Tonight was Julia's Parent/Teacher Conference.

Whew. She's a smart duck.

80% of the class starts 1st grade reading at level 4 on their evaluation scale. Julia just leapt over level 16. So - the last test they did put her firmly in the 3rd grade reading level. They don't test much higher since it isn't placement testing or standardized testing - it's just their in house evaluation to make sure she's challenged.

She's doing great in Math and Science and is doing a lot of work with the 2nd graders in her class.

We have the option of having her tested formally but for now we have chosen not to. We're happy with the education she's currently receiving, and wouldn't change anything right now. Her teacher is aware of her needs and is addressing them.

I was thrilled and a little freaked to hear all this - but we were so happy to hear that she's a good helper, a good listener and very highly regarded by her teacher and other staff. I guess she thanks the janitor on a regular basis for helping out - and he singled her out to the front desk attendent for it.

Thanks for letting me brag on my youngun. She's amazing!!


Momma said...

Like mother, like daughter!

kam said...

That's so awesome! Way to go Julia! I knew she was a smart cookie! Just check out her parents :)

Suzanne said...

Brag away! That's awesome!

laurie said...

She sounds not just very, very smart but like a truly lovely person.