Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Emma is sooo damn cute

I don't know what it is about Emma. She really is turning into a giant sweetie. She is still the ferocious, independent, tempermental little chick that we have come to know and love, but she is charming. Ohhhh so charming.

Her new favorite person in the world is my dad. Just about everynight she'll bring me the phone and say, "call poppa now" and then she calls him, tells him the same things, laughs at his "what time is it" joke (It's howdy doody time)... tells him, "I've got my eye on you"... and then sings him Twinkle twinkle and Merrily Merrily Bop bop... usually finishes with a version of the ABC song. It's pretty darn cute.

She has also started a couple of other cute sayings, like after she has a couple of gulps (she's a gulper) of water, she'll exclaim, "I had three scoops of water!"

She is often seen climbing up on laps to give kisses and hugs.

Last night after we tucked Julia and Anna in we were walking out of their room and Emma calls back to them, "goodnight girls!" :)

Now she is insanely excited about Thanksgiving because there will be turkey. I'm about 90% sure she thinks we're getting a real turkey - not that the thing in our fridge defrosting is the turkey.

She's pretty darn cute...

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kam said...

What a sweetie!