Thursday, November 20, 2008

Locks of Love

We're hoping this weekend will be the big weekend. Over a year ago we took Anna to get her hair cut (she wanted it short like mine) and she saw a wall of photos of kids holding their hair. She asked me what it was for and I explained that those kids were donating their hair so that they can make wigs and/or raise money for people with cancer. I reminded her when her Grandma had cancer that she had a wig to wear.

When she sat in the chair she told the lady she was going to donate her hair. The stylist told her that her hair wasn't quite long enough. So Anna decided (at 3 years old) to forego the short do and grow her hair so it was long enough to donate.

We think it has finally made it to the 10" that it needs to be to donate. We are taking her in on Saturday to have them measure it and cut it if it's long enough. She is so excited.

I hope it's long enough because she has started chewing on her hair - and if it isn't cut soon it won't be there to cut!

We'll update you - of course with pictures - after her appointment!

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Momma said...

We're soooo proud of her!!!!!