Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here they are!

Here are the kidlets out getting their trick or treating on...

This is the dude that watched over the bowl of candy we left out front while I joined the ToT tour of our street.
Part of our Halloween display

This is our Halloween decor.... it included Halloween music (think generic Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, Thriller, etc... ) and a fog machine. This picture doesn't do it justice looks like Christmas on crack... in the dark with the fog... it's really kind of cool looking.

Our little witch (notice - no Elmo, Abby cadabby or Zoe Monster???)

Our Sleeping Beauty. She wouldn't hold still for a picture, but her hair was really sleeping beauty-esque. She started out with a giant round bang and the big pretty curls... considering I don't have any hair spray - I was surprised it lasted as long as it did.

This is the kid I was most proud of. She was super helpful getting everyone ready - but really, in the end she chose to be BUNNICULA! From the James Howe series. The majority of her friends were dressing up as HSM characters, Hannah Montana or the like - but she chose to go her own way. She was so proud of her costume - including the WHITE CARROT her Dad bought her...

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kam said...

They all look so great! I love that Julia was unique and original!