Tuesday, September 01, 2009


"I would have stayed forever within the garden of his childhood but time is a mother’s enemy. My baby was gone before I new it and then the hand-holding toddler was replaced by a running boy." Anita Diamant

Julia started 3rd grade on Monday and is loving it so far. I'm so relieved. It's nice to see her come home with a huge smile!

Tomorrow Anna begins Kindergarten and I'm so happy for her. She's going to have a wonderful time. I know that they will love her as much as everyone always does. I just hope... pray... that someone doesn't come along and extinguish that little light she has inside of her.

Emma starts preschool in two weeks and she is more than excited. She is having a hard time adjusting to the fact that her sisters are going off on the bus each morning. We just keep reminding her that she has a special day coming up too.

Here's the big thing. I will have 5 hours a week with NO kids. Can you believe it??? I'll be working - but that's 5 hours every week without any kids. ANY!

So... it's time for change in our house. Time truly can be a mother's enemy... and I understand the meaning of bittersweet all of a sudden. Missing the early baby days and the fun toddler stage, sad to see them step out on their own, proud to see how strong they are and excited to see what's to come...

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SJL~ said...

What an exciting time in your girl's lives! Wish them all luck from the Lanes!